Cuomo urges protesters to get coronavirus tests as New York City starts reopening

Governor Andrew Cuomo called for cautious celebration on Monday as New York City began reopening, but he also called for the tens of thousands of protesters to get tested for the coronavirus. “I’m asking the protesters please go get a test. It’s free, it’s available,” Cuomo said. 

Cuomo warned that other states, including California, Florida and Texas, had seen spikes after reopening. He said based on the numbers and if New Yorkers “stay smart,” the state could continue reopening.

“New Yorkers did what many experts told me wasn’t possible in 100 days,” Cuomo said. “I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep in 100 days knowing some of things they told me. New Yorkers bent the curve by being smart. We’re celebrating, we’re reopening, we’re excited. Our mojo’s back, our energy’s back, stay smart.” 

In honor of New York City entering the first phase of reopening, Cuomo took the subway from Queens to his office in midtown Manhattan. As many New Yorkers worry about returning to work on mass transit, Cuomo repeated that all riders must wear masks, try to stay six feet apart, hand sanitizer will be distributed and the trains are being disinfected.   

Cuomo admitted that it’s not known if the protests will cause a spike in coronavirus infections. He said there are special testing sites set up for protesters. 

Amid the ongoing protests, Cuomo urged the state to pass the “Say Their Name” bill on police reform. The bill would make disciplinary records of police public, ban chokeholds and prohibit false race-based 911 calls. 

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