35 days in an RV, how a newbie learned on the go – Visual Podcast

Listen in on this visual podcast as Brandon talks with one of his employees who rented an RV and spent 35 days exploring the western US as a newbie.

With a 10 minute walkthrough, here’s how Taylor and her friends had to learn by doing as they had the time of their lives.

See how this translates to new RV owners as they take off on their journey

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One thought on “35 days in an RV, how a newbie learned on the go – Visual Podcast

  • January 24, 2022 at 4:03 am

    Pls check out the Travel Beans on YouTube. They are a young English couple, rebuilt an old VW van into their RV and just posted their latest video about the Scottish Isle of Skye. Amazing video and the landscapes are to die for. This was interesting. Thank you. We wanted to order a Leisure Wonder, but don't really know if we would be alive to get it! Four years? Crazy. We have an order in for a Tiffin Wayfarer, twin beds in back and hope to get it delivered to Vogt next February. Cross your fingers for us.

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