5 RV Newbie Mistakes

When we hit the road for full time RV life, we’d never owned or traveled in one before! We were total beginners, so of course we made a few mistakes along the way. Here we share five of our biggest mistakes during our travels.

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6 thoughts on “5 RV Newbie Mistakes

  • May 4, 2020 at 2:39 am

    Great video, I just found your channel. It sounds like you guys learned a lot and thanks for sharing it! One note on Boondocking, it is usually pretty easy to find a spot mid week. Weekends is usually when the popular places fill up. Thanks again and I will check out more of your videos, take care!

  • May 4, 2020 at 2:39 am

    Thank you for sharing this!!! Just watched y'alls reno RV video and found this one. My boyfriend and I are in the (very) early stages of planning to RV full time for a couple of years and this is so helpful!

  • May 4, 2020 at 2:39 am

    Never let waiting traffic "rush you" while you're unhooking. They're hooked up and secured; you won't be. Better that you go through your regular pattern and not miss a step that could lead to a problem then rushing just so that an impatient road warrior can move on by. It's not a matter of being rude; it's just doing what you need to do in order to be safe. Regarding the brake control system, that's a MUST HAVE. Not only for heavy trailers but for even the lighter trailers (and if the trailer you're looking at doesn't have a braking system, don't buy it). The last thing you need, on level ground OR on a decline, is your trailer "pushing you" along. If you're using your tow vehicle as the only source of braking not only will you wear out your brakes on that vehicle more quickly but you're simply risking an accident because you don't have the braking power to stop what is now a much heavier "combined unit." Brakes on the trailer are also awesome for stopping the "fishtailing" if a huge trucker goes by you at a much higher rate of speed.

  • May 4, 2020 at 2:39 am

    Great informative video, thank you ! The information about a working trailer brake system is very important.

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