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It’s hard to believe that Season 4 is over. It’s shocking that we going to Alaska! During the past two years of posting videos every Sunday there was a recurring question, “when are you going to Alaska?”. The seed has been planted countless times and I guess it worked. We’re excited to get started and share the journey and the last frontier!

About this Episode
Season 4 exceeded our expectations. It was in our backyard and we’ve already been to many of the destinations, but like we’ve said before, traveling by RV makes the destination even better.
Documenting our travel allows us to really be present in the moment and see the landscape through the eyes of the viewer. It was difficult to pick only four amazing places from the 20 episodes of Season 4, but here they are: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Arches National Park, Breckenridge Colorado and Lee’s Ferry. We tip’d the ol’ Alaska hat to Santa Fe and Monument Valley.

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Do You Really

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