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RV Dewinterization Basics For Beginners – Step-By-Step Process

In this video, we’ll go through the step-by-step process of dewinterizing my 2020 Keystone Bullet 243BHS travel trailer. While you may have a different RV, most of these steps should apply to your situation.

Here is the link to the dewinterization list/document used in the video: https://johnmarucci.com/2021/03/30/rv-dewinterization-for-beginners-step-by-step/

Please read this blog if you have concerns with sanitizing your hot water tank: https://johnmarucci.com/2022/04/06/rv-dewinterization-bleach-solutiuon-in-the-hot-water-heater-tank/

Podcast of why I allow bleach solution into my hot water tank when dewinterizing: https://jmotr.podbean.com/e/why-i-sanitize-my-rvs-hot-water-heater-tank-when-dewinterizing/


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34 thoughts on “RV Dewinterization Basics For Beginners – Step-By-Step Process

  • I thought you weren't supposed to add bleach into the water heater and to the black tank. Am I wrong?

  • Great info presented very clearly..perfect video for the info I needed..🎉🎉🎉thank you😁

  • I was told to blow out my lines and avoid all of this. And then you have to go dump your tank?

  • Thank you for such a helpful video series – we have a rotten egg smell coming from our hot water tank – would you suggest running the same concentration or solution, or do you have a different suggestion?

  • Thanks! You and your videos are amazing. You've save me LOTS of $ and aggravation that comes with bringing my RV into the dealer for basic stuff. Thank you, thank you.

  • Thanks a ton, John! Makes sense, and great “for dummies” style. Just like the army😂. I learn best with videos like this. Awesome content throughout your channel as well

  • Hello John after I complete the steps in your video do I release what’s in the gray and black tanks?

  • Why isn't the first step to.deain the antifreeze. Isn't it bad to have the pink in the he tank?

  • Wow I have been doing my Jayco winterizing and dewinterizing for a few years and glad I checked out your video. Your process is much more in-depth than I was shown at the dealership.

  • Hi John. Thank you so much for posting. I have a question regarding the fresh water flush after the sanitization has been completed. Do you have to empty the water heater tank a second time as well, or just the fresh water tank? Thank you!

  • Thank you SO much for this Wonderful, Instructional Video that I could understand, follow & DO without having a frustrating, emotional meltdown. My Husband passed away recently & he always Winterized & DeWinterize the campers, my Sons helped me after he passed, but I was able to DeWinterize my Mavis Motorhome By myself, for the FIRST time, following your video❤

  • Just got my first travel trailer last year and this video was exactly what I needed to unwinterize the trailer. Very much appreciated!:)

  • Loved the video – as a newbie it walked me through the process flawlessly. Appreciate that very much. One question: Where did you get the fitting that you put on the end of the filter so you could attach the clear flex tube? I went to a local store and didn't find anything like that. TIA!

  • John, my wife and I are RV newbies. We purchased a 30 foot 2023 Freedom Express travel trailer which has opened up an entirely new world of how-to RV questions. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create this excellent step-by-step video. Well done & appreciate all of the videos you've posted on YouTube!

  • I have city water with a lot of bleach already. Would that be enough bleach?

  • A great game to play while watching this video. Take a drink every time you hear "bleach solution". Seriously though, this is a great video.. I watch it every spring.

  • I watch your videos ever year 😊 I can never remember how to winterize and de winterize😅

  • We are about to move into our new RV. It’s been stored since we bought it in November. We check into our first campground and will have to de-winterize when we get there. Should we still do the sanitizing steps with a new RV?

  • Wow – I really appreciate how thorough your instructions are, the fact that you provide a checklist, AND how you didn’t discount the questions regarding introducing diluted bleach into the water heater. So much research and time went into this analysis, and as a newbie, it is invaluable. THANK YOU!

  • Thank you so so much! I bought a DIY campervan 2 years ago, and thanks to this video was able to complete this process for the first time solo (without the previous owner's help)

  • Hi John – New to the RV world and love your videos. One questions I have is about the time you recommend for sterilizing your water tanks. The manufacturer recommends the same solution as you and universally online 1/4 cut of bleach per 15 gallons is the recommendation. BUT almost every online resource recommends 12 to 24 hours to let the bleach solution sit in the water tank. My manufacture recommends 3 hours and you recommend 3 to 6 hours. Just wondering where the 3 to 6 hour recommendation originates or likewise the longer 12 to 24 hour recommendation? Again it looks like everyone agrees on the same bleach to water ratio but the time seems to be different? Thanks.

  • This is great to follow. I didn't use antifreeze I blow the lines clear before winter but the same sequence works just less in the Grey tank

  • Extremely well done. Been searching for vids that make winterizing and dewinterizing more understandable. Although I have a Class B Coachmen Galleria, the basic steps and methodology will do the trick. I should be able t o handle both processes now. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Hi John, In the beginning of this segment you said to turn off the bypass valve to the water heater. Does that mean the anti freeze that is in the lines will now go into the water heater? Or will the lines be drained first, then open the bypass valve?

  • We are on the road, we can't get the air out of the lines to have water flow,
    The pump continues to spit, I've opened all the faucets inside.
    I must be missing a step.

  • Hey John I was wondering if you knew if the water filter housing is bypassed during winterization when we bypass the water heater? Still wondering how we drain the water filter canister when we do our winterization. Can't find it mentioned anywhere. Thanks, MN

  • Hi John I thought it was going to be that time of year again here in East Central Minnesota but then it started snowing again with rapid meltdown flooding threat. I just had one question on what do you do about the water filter and housing during winterization and dewinterization? I had it done at the dealership last fall and actually redid it when I got it home, but didn't think about the water filter and housing until now. I am determined to do most of the repairs and maintenance I'm capable as it is so frustrating having to make an appointment to drop it off and waiting for parts and then waiting for it to get repaired. Thanks John

  • Very informative and easy to follow instruction. Your videos have been a great help!

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