RV NEWBIE MISTAKES 😂 First Week of our USA RV Trip 🚌 | American Roadtrip 001

The first week of our American RV roadtrip wasn’t exactly the smoothest! We made lots of mistakes as RV newbies haha…like draining our coach batteries and bursting the water pipes. We learned a lot that first week as we drove from Pennsylvania to the Florida Keys, which made us even more excited for the next 49 states of our trip!

American Roadtrip Travel Video 001 | Florida | State #1/50

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Hi, we’re Hudson & Emily! We’ve been married since 2012 and love Jesus & travel. Our favorite quote is “Think of the stories you want to tell someday, then go out and live them.” Our freshman year of college, we decided we’d someday love to travel to the 50 states of America. 7 years later, we bought and renovated an old RV and took off on our trip! 🚌 We’re now based in Mexico and are excited to be sharing some memories from our travels!

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