RV Life

We Stole Hacker RV to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS Overnight Escaping Underground Tunnel Test)

Matt rescues Maddie from Haunted Hacker Mansion in Stolen RV Van using Hacks!

After Rebecca Zamolo made “Giant ROYAL WEDDING at Haunted HACKER Mansion! (Spending 24 hours Rebecca vs Best Friend Challenge)”, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Maddie is Missing after Challenge! Spending 24 Hours Searching Lost Friend Vs Spy Hacker Safe House.” The Real Game Master then created “MATT IS WANTED?! Framed by Game Master and Mr. X in Secret Meeting (Surprising Viral Disguise),” next The Game Master incorporated posted “LIE DETECTOR TEST ON GAME MASTER SPY! (Testing Viral Tiktok life hacks for Truth),” now Rebecca is saving RZ twin while everyone else spends 24 hours trying to get Maddie to the airport. Matt has been driving overnight and wakes everyone up as he needs to get gas. When everyone see what’s inside they start to panic. Matt plays like he is good like the game master but its all a show. He starts driving the Van like he is in a Lambborghini race but realizes its just a van. Next he tried to think about doing viral tik tok trends but it fails miserably. Matt and Agent S take an adventure in the park while Matt tries to trick everyone but doesn’t realize that Maddie and Agent R are on a secret first date. It turns into a speed date. Agent S realizes he has a device hidden in a secret hide and seek spot in the park and takes matt with him. Can they get it in time? Will Rebecca find them and why is someone trying to chase them? Is it a quadrant? Is it Rebecca’s Ex Best Friend Alice? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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