What Not to Do in an RV (an RV Newbie Mistake)

Today, weโ€™re sharing the scariest moment of our lives. This is what NOT to do in an RV and is without a doubt the biggest RV newbie mistake weโ€™ve ever made. Lesson learned? Donโ€™t mess with mud!!!
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Hi! We are Michael + Jenny Justus. We post videos on our life of alternative + sustainable + healthy living. Our desire to live a more meaningful life led us to concoct a crazy plan: Downsize our belongings, ditch the “9-5,” and move full-time into a solar-powered, self-sustainable tiny home on wheels with our two dogs, Chase + Roni. Taking this leap into the unknown has completely transformed our future, so be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, join the Justus League, and follow along to see where the journey take us!



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