Birds In Flight Assignment Winner Garry Everett

Congratulations to Garry Everett for winning the recent Birds In Flight Assignment with the image, “Foggy.” See more of his photography at

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“The area around Walnut Grove, California, is prone to fog over the winter months and this particular morning was no exception,” explains Garry Everett. “I had intended to photograph the stately sandhill cranes in their overnight roost and during fly out, but the thick fog made for a rather non-productive session. Having photographed the area before and knowing that if the fog clears out enough it can provide a range of light conditions from diffused and moody to dramatic, so I waited around to see if things would change. Making my way south on Staten Island Road, I noticed a large gaggle of Canadian geese feeding fairly close to the road just as the light conditions started to change for the better. I had just positioned myself to take to take advantage of the light when the thousand or so geese took to the air, providing this image and an unforgettable sound.”

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EF100-400mm Zoom @ 400mm. Exposure: 1/12500 sec., f/8.0, ISO 125, Exposure Compensation -1.0.

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