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manufacturers, where the image quality is significantly improved. Step up again, however, and you find that NiSi is using lens grade optical quality glass that’s nano coated, meeting the same standard as the front element you’d expect to find on a professional quality camera lens.

The benefit is many fold. Light transmission, for example, is substantially increased, the difference in transmittance between the NiSi filters and other ‘optical glass’ filters actually being greater than the difference between these filters and resin. If you’re working with a couple of filters combined then the extra light getting through to your sensor can make a big difference. Benefits can extend beyond just optical performance as well. For example, NiSi’s Nano Coating treatment gives filters the ability to repel oil and water, making cleaning easy, even in extreme conditions.

Full Range

When it comes to filter/holder combinations, NiSi has professionals well covered. The M75 range, for example, has been exclusively designed for use with MFT cameras such as the Olympus E-M1 Mark III or Panasonic GH5, while full-frame users are also well catered for thanks to the hugely popular 100mm kits. These make use of the innovative V6 filter holder, an ingenious accessory that possesses an integrated circular polariser filter that can be rotated via a little wheel on the holder.

Landscape photographers who use ultrawide-angle lenses with huge front elements often struggle to use filters, but NiSi even has these pros covered via its 150mm and 180mm system filter kits. It doesn’t stop there either, as NiSi offers a range of circular filters that include polariser, UV and closeup filters along with a range of variable ND filters, which are hugely popular with both landscapers and filmmakers who need to reduce light entering the lens to produce shallow depth of field compositions.

From traditional ND filters through to more specialised reverse ND, Natural Night filters to block light wavelengths from common sources of light pollution and filters for your drone, NiSi keeps innovating and adding to its line-up. Compact camera shooters are also well catered for as well, with mini filter systems being available for cameras including the Sony RX100 VI, Ricoh GRIII and Fuji X100.

Customer Relations

Another thing that helps NiSi to stand out from the crowd is the company’s closeness to its customers. For a start filters are made inhouse rather than elements of production being outsourced to third-party factories, a fact that enables savings to be passed on directly to photographers. While saving money is great, NiSi also attends over 20 global exhibitions in a normal year, enabling professionals and enthusiasts alike to directly ask questions about new gear and to get hands-on with products. On top of this NiSi works with a crack team of expert ambassadors and runs over 200 workshops annually, allowing customers to get out on location under the watchful eye of expert tutors. The buying experience is different too, with a brand new ecommerce website set to launch imminently, which will make the whole process of getting your hands on NiSi filters quicker and easier. It’s the complete package and your perfect filter partner is ready and waiting.

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