One Vision Launches Klick Start

Printing and Manufacturing Update

One Vision has now restarted a limited printing and manufacturing service using a skeleton staff and adhering to social distancing rules. Where ordinarily there would be over 25 production staff working, numbers will be limited to just five, with MD Derek Poulston and fellow directors going back to the shop floor along with a few colleagues to enable this to happen.

During these last few difficult weeks we have received hundreds of requests from customers desperate for printing to recommence,” says Derek. “Online sales throughout the UK are booming and photographers are rightfully needing to offer a service to their clients and they cannot do this if we don’t play our part.    

Naturally you may experience some delays to your orders (the odd day or two) and it’s quite possible that some lines opened up may have to be shut down at short notice. This might be due to our suppliers not being able to supply components or materials. Rest assured however, we will do everything we possibly can to print and manufacture your orders.”

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