Pgytech OneMo 25L Backpack Review


When Pgytech first got in touch about doing an Onemo 25L backpack review, I wasn’t familiar with the company. So whilst I waited (not so patiently) for the bag to arrive, I set about finding out a little more about them, their origin, and ethos. Pgytech was formed by a group of young, enthusiastic, and like-minded photographers to create pioneering products that link together seamlessly with photographers’ existing kit. Besides this bag, they have created a load of products for other photography and video equipment such as drones and action cameras.

Onemo 25L Backpack Review

OneMo 25L Backpack Review: bag specifications

Capacity – 25L expandable to 30L and a 5L removable drone pouch.

Size – 480mm x 320mm x 230mm for the main bag and 270mm x 180mm x 120mm for the built in pouch.

Color – Black or Olivine Camo

Weight – 2.5kg total.

Material – Polyester fibre material which is water, scratch and tear resistant.

Onemo 25L Backpack Review

Initial thoughts

When the Pgytech OneMo 25L Backpack first arrived, I was really impressed by the presentation straight out of the box. The bag comes in a really nice branded, recyclable bag. As cool as this was, I’m not going to lie, I tore it off pretty quick so I could take a look inside. The bag itself is sleek and stylish with great quality finishes and a nice all-round feel.

Who’s it for

The OneMo 25L Backpack is designed to meet the needs of drone and photography enthusiasts. The bag will comfortably hold your DSLR or mirrorless camera along with two or three lenses (depending on your lens inventory) in the top compartment. It will also hold a few accessories such as batteries and memory cards.

The bottom section that houses the drone pouch has more than enough space to hold a Mavic 2 Pro, and it’s accessories. If you remove the drone pouch, you have plenty more room in the main bag for more lenses, clothes or general items you may need for the day. The OneMo 25L backpack has targeted the needs of the modern enthusiast and meets them efficiently.

Onemo 25L Backpack Review

In the field

No camera bag review is complete until you’ve spent some time using it and walking around with the bag. So I hit the trails to get a better idea of how the bag holds up for this OneMo 25L backpack review.

I was out shooting all day with my camera, a 14-30mm lens, 24-70mm lens along with all the accessories I needed. I chose to keep the pouch in the bag and placed the drone and extras in there as I wanted to have only one bag with nothing else getting in the way.

The bag was really comfortable to walk with. There was no noticeable movement from within the bag, which is always reassuring. I use a fairly heavyweight Manfrotto tripod, and I did find the top-mounted tripod holder to be a little cumbersome and awkward for a tripod of this size. But then this bag isn’t realty designed for this type of equipment.

Onemo 25L Backpack being worn

Once I strapped one of my smaller tripods to the bag, it was not a problem. In the field, the bag was effortless to access. I really like the suitcase-style flip lid that joins down the long side of the bag as opposed to the bottom. This does away with the issue of getting straps and leads caught up with your equipment, which I find to be an issue with lots of other camera bags.

Onemo 25L Backpack Review

Cool features

During this Pgytech OneMo 25l backpack review, there were a couple of cool little features I discovered. I haven’t seen these before, and I thought they were a great idea for photographers.

  • Like many camera bags, this bag has dedicated pockets for your batteries. In one of the side flaps, there are three camera battery sized pouches with a little toggle that switches from green to red depending on the condition of your battery. This can be really useful if you have multiple batteries so you know which need charging and which are ready to use. I also thought these could be quite usefully adapted to the same end with your memory cards to know which are used and which are cleared and ready to use.
  • Customizable dividers. The Pgytech OneMo 25L bag can be arranged to suit all needs, but the dividers are what really make this great. They can be molded to any position and have this great little flap that can come down to support the lens and allow you to use the dead space for additional equipment.
  • Two of the exterior pockets have anti-theft loops that are really easy to set and incredibly hard to gain access to quickly for any would-be thieves.
Cool Features Onemo 25L Backpack Review

Pros and cons


  • Lots of neat little design functions
  • Comfortable
  • Unassuming (doesn’t shout cameras inside)
  • Good ergonomics
  • Removable drone pouch
  • Stylish-looking
  • Water, scratch and tear-resistant material


  • Tripod holder not very big
  • A little more protection around the main shell would be nice.


This bag is a really great camera bag for any outdoor photographer.

Whilst more serious professionals might need a bigger bag for all of their equipment, this is more of an everyday bag that would be perfect for a travel photographer like me.

Whilst sometimes I may want to take a bigger bag. Generally, when I’m shooting in a place like a city, smaller bags are much more convenient. There’s less weight to carry, and they are much easier to get in and out of busy places.

Overall, I was really impressed with the OneMo 25L backpack, and it will be a welcome addition to my set of camera bags.

Note: The author was given the bag for free for this OneMo 25L Backpack review. He was not paid or given any incentives in exchange for a positive review. This review is an honest account of his experience and opinion in using the product.

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