Photographer shoots Lego wedding to stay creative in isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped all of us in our tracks. All social gatherings have been postponed, so many people are out of work right now, including wedding photographers. Chris Wallace of Carpe Diem Photography was set to have plenty of work in 2020, but then everything stopped. Still, he didn’t lose his creativity and the desire to shoot. He threw and shot his own wedding ceremony – made entirely from Lego. The photos are amusing and incredibly cute, and Chris kindly shared them with DIYP along with some BTS shots.

“Being a self-employed wedding photographer, 2020 was set to be a great year,” Chris tells DIYP. “I’d never been so busy capturing people’s weddings. But that literally stopped overnight.” The current situation affected his income, and the visits to his website plummeted as well. So, he decided to do something positive to drive people to his website, to bring a smile to their faces, but also to keep himself creative.

Chris dusted off his old Lego from the loft and ordered some from Amazon, too. Then, he started to create miniature wedding scenes and the ideas of what to photograph just kept popping to his head. He made up a whole story about Florence and Fred, a Lego couple whose wedding he photographed (and organized, to be fair). He covered it all: the dress shot, the bouquet shot, photos of the ceremony and the party… Everything a wedding photographer should capture. there’s even a drone shot of the newlyweds! In the end, he even wrote a blog post with photos, as many wedding photographers do after a wedding shoot.

“It took 3 days to get everything ready, take the photos and write the blog,” Chris tells us. He had a lot of fun in the process, too. In fact, it seems that Florence and Fred have hired him again! “Looking forward to taking their honeymoon photos for the next blog,” Chris concludes. We’re looking forward to it, too!

Check out more photos of the adorable Lego wedding below, along with some BTS shots. You can see even more on Chris’ website, and make sure to follow his work on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Behind the scenes:

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