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Meanwhile the Chairman’s Award in recognition of a lifetime achievement was given posthumously to Terry O’Neill CBE (30 July 1938-16 November 2019) and a further Chairman’s Award was given to Marilyn Stafford in recognition of her contribution to photography that has spanned many decades, including working as an understudy to Cartier Bresson in Paris in the 1940s and continues with the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award.

Over four thousand pictures were entered by more than four hundred photographers, with judging being carried out by a team of ten picture editors led by Industry veteran Lee Martin. “The quality and variety of work submitted yet again this year was simply staggering,” Lee remarked. “There is so much talent out there and the UK really does lead the way. We need to work hard as an industry to make sure all these photographers get the exposure and credit they rightly deserve for their work.”

Alan Sparrow, Chair of the UK Picture Editors Guild Awards, was equally effusive: “The quality of the work by the press is breath taking and these image are testament to what good photography can do for the news industry.’’

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