The Canon EOS R5 launch price will be “under US$4,000”, report says

Recently, there were rumours that the upcoming Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera would cost an eye-watering $6,700. These rumours were then quashed as the source of the “leak” admitted that they pretty much just plucked the number out of thin air and had no idea what the actual cost would be.

Now, more in line with Canon’s confirmation that the EOS R5 will essentially just be a mirrorless counterpart to their 5D DSLR product line, Canon Rumors is reporting that the price is definitely going to come in at under $4,000.

CR says that the source wouldn’t reveal the exact figure, but that it is set in stone and that it will be under $4,000 for the body only. For comparison, Canon’s 5D Mark IV (which has been around since 2016 now) launched with a retail price of $3,499 in the USA, although now you can pick them up for $2,499 or even less if you shop around.

I would suspect that “under $4,000” suggests possibly $3,995 (or pretty close to that) rather than the $3,499 launch price of the 5D Mark IV. After all, there’s speculation about an upcoming 5D Mark V (it’s about the right time) and Canon might price the EOS R5 slightly higher in order to sell a few more 5D Mark V units to those who choose to stick with the EF mount.

The EOS R5 availability announcement is expected to come in July along with an official announcement for the EOS R6 of some kind, where we will have some definite prices. Although, I think we’ll start to hear more accurate rumours about the exact price, and probably the complete spec list if Nokishita has anything to say about it before the official announcement happens.

[via Canon Rumors]

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