The director of Chris Hemsworth’s new movie strapped himself to the hood of a car to film this chase scene

People will do some crazy things in order to get the shot, especially automotive photographers and filmmakers. But this one really takes the prize. For a chase scene of Chris Hemsworth’s new movie, Extraction, director Sam Hargrave actually strapped himself to the hood of a car to hold the camera and film the chase scene.

And that’s not the only crazy filming technique used to create this scene, either. Netflix posted a behind the scenes look to Facebook of how the chase scene was filmed, along with the final edited result of what the camera saw, and boy does it look good!

This is definitely one of those “Don’t try this at home!” things. There’s one part of the video where you can actually see crew inside the car releasing the straps as the car comes to a halt to allow Hargrave to continue running with the camera to follow the action.

Coming from a stuntman and stunt coordinator background that includes movies such as Avengers: Endgame, Deadpool 2, Suicide Squad and Wolverine, Hargrave is well aware of the potential dangers involved in filming scenes this way, and experienced enough to be able to do them safely.

So, if you didn’t see me say it the first time. Don’t try this at home!

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