This is a Canon EOS R5 review for photographers… JUST photographers

With all the talk of the Canon EOS R5โ€™s overheating and shortcomings for filmmakers lately, it can be difficult to remember that this camera was primarily designed for shooting stills. And stills is what still primarily interests a lot of would-be Canon EOS R5 owners. In fact, there are many photographers out there who are only interested in stills and donโ€™t care about video one bot.

So, how does the EOS R5 hold up as a photography camera? You know, itโ€™s primary purpose? Well, Gordon Laign at Camera Labs has posted an extremely in-depth review of the EOS R5, and it should answer just about every question you might have about the camera and how well it works for photography.

One of the things to point out about Gordonโ€™s review is that heโ€™s actually using a retail production version of the camera, and not a pre-production model, as has been the case with many reviewers testing its video properties. Aside from a sentence or two, though, Gordon doesnโ€™t talk about the video features at all.

Instead, he spends his time focusing on the EOS R5โ€™s still capabilities, including everything from autofocus to dynamic range, from ISO performance to stabilisation and from battery life to shooting speed. Gordon also takes a look at some of the features specific to just the very latest cameras, like the HEIF compression vs the regular JPG many of us have become used to.

Overall, if youโ€™re just interested in a still camera and the video features donโ€™t really mean anything to you, then Gordonโ€™s review paints a very impressive picture of the EOS R5 if you can stomach the purchase price.

And if youโ€™re only shooting stills, it never overheats.

[via Canon Rumors]

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