Video: Affinity Photo Tutorial – Spice Up Your Skies

PICTURE THE SCENE; you’ve booked flights and hotels, taken time away from the family and brought all your kit to shoot a landscape scene with the intention of making money from the images you produce via your favoured stock sites. Only one problem – mother nature isn’t playing ball and has served up flat, boring skies that won’t do anything to help your frames stand out from the crowd once you’re up against your opposition. What can you do to rescue the situation and save the day?

Well, luckily Affinity Photo offers a solution in the shape of its replacement sky features which you can see in the video tutorial above. As the name suggests, the software offers professionals the ability to swap out a boring sky for something much more eye-catching and sellable. What’s more, although the technique may sound a little complicated, it’s actually really simple and can be done in less than five minutes, leaving you more time to focus on which images you’re going to upload to the stock sites. To speed the process up, before you open the software, make up a folder that holds your replacement sky images and, for best practice, whenever you’re out in the field and an impressive sky comes into view, take an image and build up a bank of different skies taken at different times of the day. You never know when these might come in useful.

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