Video: More Filmmaking Jargon Busters in association with Panasonic.

If you’re a photographer looking at making a move into filmmaking for the first time it can be a confusing process, even if you’ve got years of stills experience behind you. Fear not, however, because many others, like me, have trodden this same path and can now guide you through the pitfalls that have been learned the hard way.

I started out as a photographer, got waylaid by filmmaking around ten years ago and I’m now as much at home on a video production as I am shooting stills. If you’re just easing yourself into motion, however, you’ll know by now that there are lots of terms to get your head around and decisions to make and it can be challenging. So, in this series of Instagram films, produced in conjunction with Panasonic, I’ll be looking to demystify some of the jargon that’s associated with filmmaking to help make things clearer. So, if you’ve been struggling to tell your codec from your colour profile I’m here to help!

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