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The BEST Motorhome & Campervan Gadgets (as recommended by vanlifers & pros)

Ever wondered what the BEST motorhome & campervan gadgets are? Which accessories are worth the money (and payload!) and which… aren’t?
To find out, we asked some of our favourite YouTubers and pros (the ones we could find at the NEC show!) which van life gadgets and accessories they love the most on their vans.

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15 thoughts on “The BEST Motorhome & Campervan Gadgets (as recommended by vanlifers & pros)

  • My Hymer is LHD and I have a 4 camera 10" monitor. 2 rear (1 down, 1 back), 1 above the windscreen looking down (good for manoeuvring close to things), 1 on the right side looking forward (for use in the UK to see for overtaking and edging through tight spaces).

  • I'm possibly going to have to buy a motorhome to live in if we cant afford to rent our flat

  • Advanced Elements Airframe Convertible Kayak….

  • My two favourite accessories are duvalays as they are sooo comfy and my ridgmonkey for super tasty toasted cheese beauties 🙂

  • I love how everyone kept it simple apart from the obvious who once again took the opportunity to tell us all about his super expensive electrical system (twelve grand don’t you know!! ) Also his starlink… surprised he didn’t throw in his aircon too. Real show offs this last year!

  • Some great ideas there and it really captures the fun of the NEC show too 😊

  • Me Irish vanlifer my favourite gadgets for camper are my Mo Health Air fryer as its 1000w output. And my second gadget is my Allpowers Monster X 2000w output and 3300w max surge output solar generator and my Energizer strip lights with remote.

  • My top 2 gadgets – our Ecoflow Delta 2 and our airfryer 😊

  • You need to prioritise your gadget needs. Being a single woman, I would think a Vibrator would be top of your list

  • Great video. My top 2/3 😉 would be my Remoska (fabulous alternative to a huge oven) my nespresso barista and my EcoFlow delta mini to power any gadgets off grid.

  • Thanks Kat! My favourite gadget is the 4G wifi router (a Huawei).

  • Best gadget we have is our Amazon Blink wireless cameras on Gino D’CampoVan fantastic for wild camping if you hear a noise outside you can see on your cameras who’s outside near your van!! Plus if your parked up and away from your motorhome and someone goes near your van the App will let you know and they even have mic’s so you can talk to the person near your van and tell the to bugger off lol.
    Great vlog Kat
    Rob & Angie

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