Fujifilm Will Award $90,000 in Gear as Part of “Students of Storytelling” Initiative

If you’re a university student, or you’re interested in following the work of student photographers and videographers around the US, then I have good news:

Fujifilm is launching its Students of Storytelling contest, which awards 30 students up to $3000 USD in Fujifilm gear.

Its purpose?

To help students tell their own stories through photography and videography.

As Fujifilm explains, ” We are passionate about stories and truly believe that the future of storytelling rests in the hands of today’s college students. This is why the Students of Storytelling contest will award up to $3,000 of Fujifilm gear to a select group of winners to help bring their creative stories out into the light.”

Note that you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to take part; all current part-time and full-time college students are eligible, excepting Florida residents.

students of storytelling contest page

Fujifilm does offer entry guidelines, stating that the ideal proposal “should be designed to tell a cohesive ‘story’ of a human, or life-related experience, event, challenge, objective, relationship(s), approach, passion, and/or interest that may be depicted and effectively communicated through photographic images or video.”

Fujifilm also notes that participants will need to adhere to the CDC’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines when carrying out their project.

The submission period goes until May 31st, during which eligible students can submit their proposed stories in written, video, or photographic format. The first half of June will be spent judging the entries, and students will be notified of their success at the end of June.

At that point, winners will be given the opportunity to choose Fujifilm equipment totaling up to $3000 USD. Winners will then have 90 days to complete and submit their stories, which are to be shared via social media, as well as on Fujifilm’s Create Forever website.

So if you’re an eligible student, head on over to Fujifilm’s website, where you can submit your own proposal to be considered for the Students of Storytelling contest.

And for everyone else:

If you’re interested in following the contest and all the winners, be sure to check for updates.

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