Weekly Photography Challenge – Living Room

Continuing with the indoors theme, this week’s photography challenge topic is the LIVING ROOM!

Weekly Photography Challenge – Living Room
Due to the lockdowns, I’ve had to rent a furnished apartment in a new town. It has a “sea” theme. I took this and made them into a series. In the third image, the shell close-up, I did it using the reverse lens macro technique. I took my nifty fifty off my camera, flipped it around, held it against my camera, and took photos. You get some interesting effects.

You could photograph objects in your living room. Create a still life from them, do interesting things with lamplight or reflections on your TV screen (if you have one). Photograph people sitting in your living room – your pet on your favorite couch (come on, I know many of you let your pets on the furniture!)

Do macro, wide, or do a series that includes all of them to tell a story. They can be color or black and white, moody or bright.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Living Room
These are some quartz crystals that I have found while on my bushwalks just before lockdown. I photographed these in my living room next to the window. I used my iphone with a macro filter. These are quite small, but look rather large in these photos.

Try creating a series that work together too, if you like.

So, check out these pics to give you some ideas, have fun, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Weekly Photography Challenge – Living Room
Continuing with my living room “sea” theme. The close-ups where, again, reverse lens macro. The first image was with my nifty fifty.

Check out some of the articles below that give you tips on this week’s challenge.

Tips for photographing the LIVING ROOM

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