Woman plunges 100ft to her death while posing on a cliff to celebrate the end of coronavirus lockdown

Olesia Suspitsina (31) from Kazakhstan recently celebrated the end of the coronavirus lockdown with a hike. She climbed a cliff and asked her friend to take a photo of her, but sadly, the posing ended fatally. She slipped and fell off the cliff, plummeting straight to her death.

The accident happened in Duden Park in Antalya, Turkey this Sunday. How the woman from Kazakhstan got to Turkey in the middle of the pandemic created some confusion, but Sputnik Turkey explains that Olesia lived in the area. According to the New York Post, she had worked there for five years as a tour guide.

When the lockdown was proclaimed over, Olesia went to the park with her friend near Duden Park’s waterfalls. “We came to the park in the evening, we drank wine,” her friend told News 1. “Then we were talking to a friend on the video.” Olesia reportedly asked her friend to take a photo of her while she was video-chatting. She climbed the safety barrier, and she reportedly slipped on wet grass, falling off the 115 feet high cliff.

Olesia’s friend called the authorities, who found Olesia’s body in the water below. Multiple sources write that her death was ruled an accident.

When the lockdown is over, I’m sure most of us will hurl to the forests, cliffs, and mountains. I know I will, being in nature what I miss the most. But it doesn’t mean we should become reckless. Cases like this remind us that no photo is worth risking our lives. And I believe that the “stay safe” mantra should stick around even after the coronavirus is behind us.

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