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How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos | Side Hustle

I make an average of $10,000 on youtube, however, I have to edit, create content and do all the work. Which takes an average of 4-8 hours per day. in this video im going to show you, how you can make $100-$500 bucks on average on youtube without having to do any work

How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos | Side Hustle

Basic Idea: We were going to grab popular videos from youtube that can be legally downloaded, and reupload them to our channel and make money. ( that way we can make money without creating our own content )

1. Create 1 channel or 10 channels ( you don’t need to remember 10 passwords it’s okay ) and pick a niche
– Just got to settings on your youtube channel and click add or create a new channel
– Make sure to customize your channel and add a cool profile picture, and also cover art ( about the channel like mine)
– Make sure: Your popular uploads are first
– Set up Upload defaults

Example: Look at my channel art or other youtube channels cover art

Pick a niche: Good examples
Conspiracy videos
top 10 tech
Compilation videos ( funny, sad, or anything really)
Invention/tech videos
Magic reveals
Finance Channels ( but they are hard to do)

2. Get Monetized: 1k subs and 4k hours ( this should take 2 weeks or one month )
– Make sure you apply for it, and when you hit that milestone they’ll automatically put ads on your videos
– Verify your channel

How: Ones you learn the types of videos to post, all you have to do, is download and re-upload at least 1-7 videos per day and in 2 weeks – 1 month you’ll meet that goal)

Tip: Monetization is the only way to put ads on your videos

3. The types of videos we’ll use
Creative Commons (you can re-use these videos)
– Add your own thumbnails and more
– Just search a video on youtube ( and filter it by creative commons ) and also by (view count) you want to copy solid videos

Ps: Subscribe to all the channel making creative common videos and you always have a stream of videos/ a stream of passive income

4. Download these videos & and where to find more ( Fair Use)
How: just copy the link and search on google or YouTube video downloader and paste in the URL ( they also have an extension)
– Just go to a channel already doing it and copy all of their most popular videos, change a few things up, narrate it and boom, it’s your videos
– Example: if you find a top 5 channel, then make a top 3 channel and take all their videos

Con: Some one can do the same to your channel

Extra cash: create an amazon affiliate account and link products for more income

– Later in the video: I will tell you how to edit videos and thumbnails for free: so just keep watching

5. schedule them per Day ( Optimize, 5 to 10 videos per day) – Check review by youtube to make sure their no Violence and stuff
– Upload video and select schedule ( remember to optimize
– Seo optimize the titles ( tubebuddy )
– Full description with keywords and tags ( Write a few sentences with your tags included)
– Use relevents tags ( use social blade pluging to copy tags and edit them to match your video) or just use tube budy)
– Use Close captions ( enable auto caption in your language)
– Create a thumbnail ( thumbnail has to pop)

Tip: ( not to get banned) make sure to upload your video as Youtube Standard License ( if you try to do creative common, its again youtube policy)

6. Put ads on them ( 10m and adding midrolls )
Tip: Make videos over 10m and add an add ever 4m, also one ad before your video and after your videos

Questions: ( rewards for making to end, my best secrets)

1. How to edit videos? use Movie makes, Hitfilm express, or any free editing software
– If you need help research YouTube tutorials
– Audio for narration just use your phone audio

Tip: or higher someone on fiverr

2. How often to post
– Every day 1-7 times per day

3. Thumbnail, Photoshop, or just type on google thumbnail maker

Tip: thumbnails have to pop, but also relate to your video ( works great, add arrows and circles in them)

4. Its an algothirms:
– Videos optimize
– research click through rate
– watch time

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