Animatronic ape spycam captures wild gorillas singing and their uncontrollable flatulence

Nature is a mixture of equal parts of wonder and hilarity. If anything personifies this statement, it’s these gorillas, who were captured singing during dinner by an animatronic ape camera, designed to blend in and be accepted into their family for the upcoming PBS series Nature: Spy in the Wild 2. It’s the same series for which the Hummingbird drone was developed.

It would see a beautiful side of gorilla hierarchy, offer some insight into their personalities and interactions, monitor their behaviour, perhaps observe things we haven’t seen before. Like, the non-stop uncontrollable farting due to the 40lbs of food they eat each day!

It used to be that when you wanted to see the most amazing footage and capture intimate moments with wildlife, that you’d go to the BBC wildlife documentary crews. But these days, with technology being way more accessible, other broadcasters are starting to produce some pretty amazing tech and footage. And PBS sure is finding some excellent ways to achieve this.

PBS says in the video that this is the first time that wild gorillas have ever been caught “singing”, although I expect the filmmakers are pretty glad that smell-o-vision still hasn’t become a real thing yet.

Gorillas and hummingbirds aren’t the only animatronic animals have built to film the new series. They’ve built virtually a whole zoo including beavers (stop it!), turtles, koala bears sea otters, pelicans (that actually fly) and more. You can see more about how they made them on the PBS website.

[via All That’s Interesting]

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